Bottega Gold videos. An overview on product characteristics: history, territory and vineyards, production procedures and advertising.

Gold Commercial

The 10 seconds commercial is focused on the fizz of the wine that fills the flute with its rich foam and turns into a liquid universe, where the bubbles are the undisputed protagonist.

Bottega Gold

The history of a successful product inspired by Venice wich takes form in the vineyards of the Trevisan "Marca". The harvest, the steel autoclaves, the bottling and the gilding process anticipate evocative and glamorous scenes.

Itinerary Bottega

The Trevisan "Marca" is a wonderful area, halfway between Venice and the Dolomites. The video offers a spectacular view of vineyards, watercourses, ancient castles, Palladian villas, medieval churches and old towns of great artistic fascination.


The whole production procedures, from the harvest to the bottling, describes the processing of the grapes into wine or grappa. Pressing, extraction of the must, separation of the Trevisan “Marca and distillation are some important and fascinating moments of the whole process of production.