Bottega night

Bottega Night: golden bubbles and sparkling atmospheres.


Amman, Jordan’s capital, is a lively city, always on the look for new proposals. In this context, a great success was obtained by the Bottega night held on 11th May at Sekrab’s, for the opening of its trendy summer terrace.


Bolivia is a country which, thanks to political stability, is experiencing a period of growth and economic development. Bottega has decided to enter this exciting market, whose potential is still untapped, and has chosen Carelu Importaciones y Representaciones as its partner. To celebrate this partnership, our new Bolivian importer organized a grand event on 14 April 2015, during which Bottega Prosecco - the first Prosecco to be imported into Bolivia - was highlighted. The presentation and tasting of our wines and spirits was held in Santa Cruz, economic capital of the country, at the prestigious and award-winning restaurant Jardín de Asia. 140 guests attended, including journalists, restaurateurs and opinion leaders as well as the entire management of Carelu Importaciones y Representaciones. The Bottega wines and spumanti had a very good reception from the guests. Bottega Gold, the star product of the evening, was presented by model Fabiola Velasco in a golden dress. She will be the celebrity sponsor of Bottega in Bolivia for advertising and for any sort of communications.


June, 25 2015 A wine-tasting event was held in Sofia, dedicated to the wines of Northern Italy. Bottega participated with Bottega Gold and Prosecco DOC. On June 5, Bottega provided the latter product for the second anniversary of the Galaxy Club, the biggest nightclub in Bulgaria, which can accommodate up to 1,400 people. The disco club, of imposing size, is located in Plovdiv, the artistic and cultural capital of the country.


Bottega, which is reinforcing its presence in Vietnam, over the past few months, has organized four themed events. On May 16th, 2015, the sophisticated restaurant Angelina, in the Hotel Metropole Legend of Hanoi, hosted an evening dedicated to glamor sparkling wines. On July 9th, there was a tasting of different products at the Palm Garden, a resort in Hanang. On July 8th and 10th, the tentacular Saigon, now known as Ho Chi Minh City, was the setting for two evening events at the Chill Sky Bar of Masquerade Affair and at T.G.I. Fusion, dedicated to Gold and Il Vino dei Poeti Rosè respectively.


On Saturday, March 23rd, 2014, the trendy bar “The Great Gatsby”, located in Podgorica (the capital of Montenegro) organized an event Bottega Gold Night which reaped a great success.


On January 13, 2014 we celebrated the Orthodox New Year at Bivio Club in Livigno with Bottega Gold. The party, animated by DJ Danielsound and vocalist Cartero, was organized by the most prestigious club of the Italian ski resort. A crowd of wealthy guests from Russia and Eastern Europe, who has chosen the snows of Livigno for the holidays, attended the event.


On September 18th, 2013, at the Marquee, the famous New York club, our Gold and Rose Gold officially debuted in the nightlife of the American metropolis. During the event, celebrations for the birthday of DJ Afrojack - Dutch-born Surinamese music producer - took place.


On October 26th, 2013, the Masquerade Ball was held at the Greenhouse of New York. This is a hot event that celebrates Halloween a few days in advance. The evening was attended by Playboy playmates who heated up the hearts of all participants. At the night, "Bottega Liquid Metals" were served: this impressive definition identify the glamourous sparkling Bottega wines, characterized by the unmistakable metallic bottle, in the United States market.


On August 30th, 2013, at Enclawa, one of the trendiest clubs in Warsaw, organized a Bottega Night with a special exhibition of the well-known Belgian DJ Danzel. Bottega Gold, much appreciated by all present, is becoming an important tool to extend the brand awareness of Bottega in the Polish capital.


Villa Soludden, located in one of the small islands of the archipelago surrounding Stockholm, is a prestigious location particularly suitable for events and celebrations. Here, Julio Chang used our bottles Bottega Gold for a spectacular sabering demonstration, in July. Chang holds the world record of 32 bottles opened in one minute with this particular technique, called "sabrage" from the French "sabre" (saber).


On 8th December 2013, Bottega company organized an evening Bottega Night, on the occasion of the visit to Italy of the sales force of its American importer. The event, which was one of the highlights of the National Sales Meeting of the stars and stripes group, was held in Montelupo Fiorentino in Tuscany. We have choosen the picturesque location of the country restaurant La Fornace di Sammontana, a structure built in the seventeenth century. It was a great party that was attended by more than 100 American vendors and a representative of the Bottega staff. The theme of the meeting were the so-called "Liquid metals", three sparkling wine bottles covering all the nuances of the most precious metals: Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum. At 8 p.m. the event began and was served as a welcome cocktail the new Bottega Spritz based on Limoncino and Bottega Millesimato. Then at the table were served the three "liquid metals" and Bolgheri Bottega to accompany meat dishes. Grappa, liqueurs and vodkas have driven the after dinner, and the barman, specially arrived from Milan, prepared unusual cocktails.


On 14th May 2013, in Singapore, the prestigious restaurant Oca Grassa, specialized in high standard Italian cuisine, hosted an evening Bottega Night. The event took place on two levels of the room. On the ground floor was served an aperitif Bottega Spritz based on Limoncino. Later on Sandro Bottega introduced the event and our company. On the first floor was served a selection of meats cooked on the barbecue, to accompany Bottega red wines. 60 selected guests, all from Singapore, attended the event.


Our Albanian importer Marketing & Distribution organised two Bottega evening events in Tirana during the New Year's festivities at the Lolipop Club, a trendy club popular with young people especially. The exhibition of Gold bottles was the feature of the evening and they gave it a charming note of colour. A Bottega video was shown on the giant screen inside the club, while some image-girls welcomed the guests at the entrance and took them to the service counters.


On Friday 8 February 2013 an enthralling fancy-dress evening took place in Belgium which reserved a leading role for our glamorous spumanti. Not just the now famous Bottega Gold, in its various collectors’ versions, but also an all-new white bottle that was personalised there and then. The event was held in a renowned club in the province of Hainaut, in the French-speaking part of Belgium.


On 19 April 2013, the first Greek Bottega Night took place at the exclusive Rock ‘n’ Roll bar club in Athens. Present at the glamorous event, in which our sparkling wines played a leading role, was Sandro Bottega, who had led two training courses for the sales forces of the Athens airport duty free stores that morning and afternoon.

Liegi: Bottega Gold Appetizer

On May 5th 2012 at the Liegi Nunu Club took place a “Bottega Gold Appetizer”. The event, organized by our importer Bim Bam Bulle was really successful and conquered all presents. The Nunu Club is a famous night club and is considered a point of reference able to create trends.

New Zealand: Miss Universe 2012

Last spring in New Zealand took place the beauty contest Miss Universe 2012, won by Talia Bennet who has been chosen for representing her Country, New Zealand, during the World Final Show. Our importer Boutique Wine Cellar has taken steps to introduce in this prestigious context our Bottega Gold. The glamorous bottle was the star of the event, which was held at No.1 High Street, trendy bar in Auckland.

Burlesque and Bottega Gold Night

On November 25th 2011 at the Corte degli Aranci in Marano Vicentino (VI) took place the first Bottega Gold Night combined to a Burlesque show. Four International Burlesque stars attended the event that combines elegance and seduction.

Thailand: display for Bottega Gold and Alexander Grappa

On April 27th 2011 at the Dummy Club in Bangkok took place the annual party of the prestigious F&B Association of Thailand. On this occasion Texica, Thai importer of the brand Alexander and Bottega, attended the event as a sponsor.

Bangkok: Gold Party and Bottega Dinner

The Thai importer Texica organized in Bangkok two successful nights. The first event “Bottega Gold Party”, took place on May 20th 2011 at the Mello Yello, a famous jazz club. The second one took place at The Hamilton Restaurant inside The Dusit Hotel. Both moments were highly successful, and demonstrated the importance of combining the consume of the products Bottega with International cuisine dishes.

Singapore: Bottega Gold starring at Fullterton Bay Hotel

On May 18° 2011 Distilleria Bottega presented in Singapore its Bottega Gold, its glamorous sparkling wine that, thanks to its golden livery, represents the quintessence of luxury. 
The Asiatic city is where the “Bottega Golden Night”, organized by Sandro Bottega and by our importer Giorgio Ferrari, took place. Clifford restaurant has been chosen for the event. This restaurant, which is part of the Singapore Fullerton Bay Hotel, conveys the fashionable atmosphere of a Parisian brasserie.
Several guests appreciated Bottega Gold, both as an aperitif and as accompaniment to the dishes created by the Clifford chefs. 
The display of the bottles, placed in a circular way, and the presence of four beautiful local girls, wearing flashy golden dresses, raised people’s expectation to taste our leading sparkling wine.

Bottega Gold Night at Gold Café in Tortona

Distilleria Bottega and Gold Cafè in Tortona organized on Friday March 30th 2012 a Bottega Gold Night, that was livened up by the bubbles of the exclusive Bottega Gold.

Bolzano: Hotel Sheraton

The renowned Hotel Sheraton in Bolzano hosted on March 14th and 16th two Bottega nights, which saw our Prosecco DOC as undisputed protagonist. Both nights were extremely successful and registered a very high attendance (1.800 people).

Bottega Gold Night at Odissea Club

The Odissea club in Spresiano (TV) organized on March 10th 2012 a Bottega Gold Night, which was livened up by djs Davidino and Andrew Joe and Bottega’s bubbles.

Bottega Gold at Yes Banana in Spresiano

On July 27th 2011 Distilleria Bottega presented Bottega Gold in the restaurant Yes Banana in Spresiano (TV), on the occasion of the Oikos party, Venetian company leader of made in Italy armoured doors.

Bottega Gold at Cavi di Lavagna

On Sunday July 21st 2011 our sparkling wine Bottega Gold was the absolute protagonist at the Beach Club Sol Levante in Cavi di Lavagna. The aperitif at the sunset was followed by a barbecue on the beach.

Bottega Night in Padova

On Tuesday, July 26th 2011 Distilleria Bottega presented, at the restaurant and wine bar Corte dei Leoni in Padova, the sparkling wine Bottega Gold and Grappa Riserva Privata. The night was characterized by live jazz music and lounge.

Kylie Minogue toasts with Bottega Gold

Kylie Minogue, the famous Australian artist and singer, was interviewed by the magazine Daily Mail. At the end, the interviewer gave to her a bottle of Bottega Gold as a present.
Kylie Minogue really appreciated the gift and was visibly struck as she saw the packaging. 
The video has been included in the Daily mail website, thus assuring a good publicity to our product.

Riccione: Bottega Gold Night

On February 17th 2012 Distilleria Bottega along with the Lounge Restaurant Moscabianca in Riccione organized on Friday February 17th a Bottega Gold night which was livened up by a DJ and our glamorous bubbles. At the event participated 150 people who tasted our Bottega Gold, Prosecco and a special selection of grappas.